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Structural and Mechanical Properties

We have extensive experience and advanced infrastructure that allows us to perform mechanical tests of irradiated and non-irradiated materials, damage analyses, equipment qualification for the environment and assessment of the degree of degradation of the properties of construction materials in demanding power plants.

Materials and components constructed in the power engineering are designed for a period of operation during which they must meet the high requirements for functionality, safety, and durability in an aggressive environment (pressure, temperature, chemical effects).

Evaluating the degree of degradation of the properties of the construction materials and determining the extent of their deterioration due to different operating factors is an essential part of the device's lifetime management.

The portfolio of our services includes comprehensive design and implementation of surveillance programs and irradiation experiments, including subsequent analyses of material degradation and micro structure assessment of irradiated materials.

Our services

  • Operational and laboratory diagnostics of electric actuators and pneumatic actuators by type tests or analysis
  • Tracking with accelerated corrosion (FAC)
  • Accredited tests of mechanical properties of irradiated and non-irradiated materials
  • Design and implementation of advanced reactor pressure vessel surveillance programs
  • Collaboration on design of reactor pressure vessel suveillance programs (CZ, SR, Ukraine)
  • Development and design of irradiation probes for experimental reactors
  • Development of electron beam welding equipment in hot cells
  • Determination of lifetime of safety electrical equipment of NPP and their components, qualification type tests
  • Qualification of devices and components for aging (thermal, radiation, mechanical, vibration, wear, fatigue, etc.), including environmental influences (LOCA, HELB tests) and reliability tests
  • Monitoring environmental parameters at nuclear power plants
  • Solution and implementation of controlled aging programs, especially for cables
  • Irradiation service of cobalt sources, radiation sterilization
  • Radiation and heat resistance assessment of non-metallic materials, life of satellite components, ITER

Our infrastructure

  • Autoclaves for evaluation of materials under operating conditions
  • Light scanning electron microscopes
  • Hot and semi-hot cells for the evaluation of the properties of irradiated / radioactive materials


  • For environmental qualification
  • Cobalt irradiators
  • Monitoring properties and characteristics of equipment materials


  • Instron universal blasting machines
    Shuttle hammers
  • Instrument hardness tests
  • Measurement of dimensions
  • Microscopic analysis of broken bodies.


For the practical realization of activities in which sources of ionizing radiation are used we provide::

  • Design, construction and supply of experimental workplaces with ionizing radiation sources - hot and semi-hot chambers
  • Design, manufacture, and supply of test units and experimental equipment (autoclaves, test loops) for testing of industrial and power equipment
  • Design and manufacture of preparations
  • Design and production of test specimens for surveillance programs
  • Design and manufacture of test bodies with non-integrity for NDT qualification
  • Design and manufacture of systems for high vacuum electron beam welding of materials





Division of Integrity and Engineering Engineering

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Our services include legislative and operational support for all phases of the construction, operation and decommissioning of nuclear facilities. Our partners are investors, operators and state supervisors.