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Integrated management system and accreditation certificates

The integrated management system, in accordance with the requirements of the international standards EN ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and BS OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Safety Management) is implemented and developed in ÚJV Řež.

  • The implementation and use of company management systems was verified by the independent certification company DNV GL Business Assurance B.V.
  • On the basis of a successful audit, certificates are issued for the following fields and activities:
    • Research and development, analysis, expert assessment and services in the field of nuclear technologies, energy and industry, including nuclear safety, radiation protection and the use of ionizing radiation,
    • Research, development and production of radiopharmaceuticals,
    • Procurement of supplies in capital construction,
    • Project and engineering activities.
  • The scope of the certificates applies to the following departments: Řež, Praha, Na Žertvách (ENERGOPROJEKT PRAHA) Prague, Na Homolce Hospital (PET center) and Brno, Masaryk Oncological Institute (PET center). The functionality and use of systems are routinely audited annually during audit audits.
  • In the area of radiopharmaceutical production, the quality assurance of manufacturing processes, products and distribution of medicinal products is regularly reviewed by the State Institute for Drug Control. The Company has a "Permit to Manufacture Medicinal and Approved Medicinal Products" and "Permit to Distribute Medicinal Products".
  • In the field of testing and determination of selected mechanical, physicochemical, electrical, radiation, Radiochemical (radioactivity) and other characteristics of the materials, they meet the accreditation criteria according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025.
  • "Certificate of Accreditation", issued by the Czech Accreditation Institute for  the individual laboratories:

Certificates of Accreditation

In the area of utilization of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation, the implemented management system, which complies with the requirements of generally binding legal regulations, is described in the Management System Programs and other related control documents. On the basis of fulfillment of all the requirements for quality and safety, the state professional supervision - State Office for Nuclear Safety - is authorized to carry out activities in the field of radiation protection, nuclear safety, and radioactive waste management.

The joint-stock company ÚJV Řež is a certified supplier for a number of companies, such as ČEZ, a. s., Slovenské elektrárne, a.s., I & C Energo a.s., ŠKODA JS a.s., JE Paks and others who carry out customer audits in the company. They check not only the management system but also the specific order the company manages for them.

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