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Our history and present are closely related to the country's top experts and key energy projects.

Research institute

The history of ÚJV Řež, a. s., Began to be written in the second half of the fifties of the 20th century, at a time when the world separated the iron curtain. This also affected science and, above all, nuclear research. With support from the then Soviet Union, the Czechoslovak government decided to establish a nuclear research institute called the Institute of Nuclear Physics and establish a Government Committee for Research and Peaceful Use of Atomic Energy. This was June 10, 1955. The task was to develop research activities in the field of nuclear physics, radiochemistry, nuclear power engineering and to ensure the development of the use of radioisotopes and their production. This year the construction of the site in Řež was begun. As early as 1957, the research reactor VVR-S (now LVR-15) was launched and the first nuclear fission reaction in Czechoslovakia was carried out. In the following years the Institute expanded, changed name and founder, and since 1972 the Nuclear Research Institute has started to be used.

Growing company in a market environment

The fundamental change occurs after 1989 when research institutes are gradually losing state support and hence financial security. The Nuclear Research Institute was privatized as a whole in 1992 and transformed from a contributory organization into a joint-stock company. The shareholder becomes CEZ, a. S., SE, a.s., ŠKODA JS a.s. And Husinec. This is also associated with fundamental changes in the way management, organization and, above all, changes in business strategy. Institute of Nuclear Research Řež a.s. Is gradually becoming mainly an engineering company and focuses on commercial contracts in domestic and foreign markets. The ability to convert research projects into real-time practice becomes one of the company's major competitive advantages. Basic orientation on project activities, safety and efficient operation of energy equipment, material engineering, and radioactive waste management is gradually expanding the development and production of radiopharmaceuticals, especially for PET (positron emission tomography). Experts participate in projects in the development of new types of nuclear reactors and many other commercial activities at home and abroad.

UJV Group - synergies for the future

The company's new development strategy has also confirmed the acquisition of its subsidiaries in which we have a 100% stake. The UJV Group is formed, consisting of Institute of Applied Mechanics Brno s.r.o. Výzkumný a zkušební ústav Plzeň s.r.o., and Research Center Řež, s.r.o., to which were transferred the scientific and research capacities including infrastructure. The wide portfolio of services is complemented by other subsidiaries ENERGOPROJEKT SLOVAKIA a.s. (34% share) and Nuclear Safety and Technology Center s.r.o. (40% share).

Another milestone is September 1, 2012, when, based on the decision of the General Meeting of the Company, the company changed its name to the current ÚJV Řež, a. s.

UJV Rez represents the applied research, project and engineering activities in the field of energy, industry, and healthcare since 1955. The prestige of our specialists and projects opens us the way to important contracts both at home and abroad.