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UJV Group

UJV Group is a group of companies 100% owned by ÚJV Řež, a. s. The subsidiary companies specialize in research and development, design and engineering services, technical engineering and the manufacture of special products and equipment. They also carry out expert operations in the areas of energy, industry, and healthcare, and therefore, complement the portfolio of services provided by the parent company.

Nuclear Research Institute

Nuclear Research Institute (ÚJV Řež, a. s.) provides a wide range of services such as safety analyses, calculations of reactor core landfills, analyses of serious accidents, design of conventional and nuclear power engineering, production and delivery of radiopharmaceuticals, LTO projects, reactor surveillance programs, projects to increase NP performance, disposal of radioactive waste and many others.

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Research Centre Řež

The mission of the company Research Centre Řež (Centrum výzkumu Řež s.r.o.) is research, development, and innovation in the field of energy, especially nuclear energy. It owns the unparalleled research nuclear reactors LVR-15 and LR-0 and technological loops. The research infrastructure is going to include the results of the SUSEN (sustainable energy) project. The Research Centre Řež cooperates on EU projects.


Institute of Applied Mechanics Brno

Institute of Applied Mechanics Brno (Ústav aplikované mechaniky Brno, s.r.o.), traditionally deals with the application of scientific knowledge to the fields of solid and environmental mechanics by assessing marginal conditions and supporting the development of advanced, reliable and viable steel structures, pressure vessels, storage tanks and piping systems.

Research and Testing Institute Plzeň

Research and Testing Institute Plzeň (Výzkumný a zkušební ústav Plzeň s.r.o.) is one of the most important workplaces and deals mainly with research, development and sophisticated diagnostics of power plants. It provides a range of services for manufacturing companies in the metallurgical, energy and transport industries as well as for operators of power plants.