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Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is part of our corporate culture and business strategy. We are aware of our responsibility for the people who work with us, the partners we work with, the nature we are part of, and of course, the place we live.

Our priorities

We support the education and development of our employees on a personal and professional level.

A safe and welcoming working environment is one of the company´s top priorities.

Supporting employee activities and their recommended projects are one of the important decision-making mechanisms for the approval of CSR projects.




We deal ethically with all our business partners.

We are a trusted and stable partner for domestic and foreign companies.

We support the international exchange of experience and sharing of professional information in all areas of our expertise.


The environmental aspects of our business are important decision-making priorities. We monitor the impact of our activities on the environment, lead responsible behavior towards the nature of our employees, responsibly manage the waste from our activities and reduce the environmental burden in our environment.

A number of our projects and our research and development are focused on renewable energy sources, environmentally friendly waste disposal and new, environmentally friendly and people-friendly technologies.


As a good neighbor, we support community projects in our community and neighborhood. We help to support education, sport, culture and other leisure activities.

We are a partner of the Summer Film Festival “ŘežFilmFest” in Husinec and every autumn our conference center comes alive with a family film series.

The organizers of the popular events of the Celebrations of the Right and Left Bank (“Slavnosti pravého a levého břehu”) in Klecánky also count on our support. We also support the local football club.


We have long been committed to supporting the peaceful use of ionizing radiation for a long time. We organize seminars and conferences for the professional public, we are announcing universities from our fields of study.

Our staff regularly publish articles in the professional press.We open our doors to the general public and schools within the Open Doors project. More than 1,600 people visit our workplace each year as part of free excursions.

We publish popular educational publications, publish infographics on topical issues, and regularly participate in field-oriented popularization events such as Nuclear Days in Pilsen (“Jaderné dny v Plzni”).


Traditionally, together with Research Centre Řež, we participate in the fundraising campaign “Srdcerváči”, which is run by the Resource Center for Support of Employment of People with Disabilities (NFOZP). We have added the opportunity to purchase a tour of our selected workplaces, including a research reactor with expert insight.

Christmas greeting cards and small gifts are produced for us by the Children's Community Center Motýlek.

For many years we have been a partner of S-MOBIL, through which we support a barrier-free transport project for pupils, students, and clients of The Jedlička Institute.

Many other projects are designed by our employees.


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