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Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector is concerned with the efficiency of its use and with its network integration.

Our services:

  • Designing systems for highly efficient combined heat and power production from biogas or pyrolysis gases (biogas from sewage treatment plants, landfills, biogas stations) based on high-temperature fuel cells
  • Designing systems for the treatment of gases and the separation of hydrogen from the synthesis gas mixture
  • Expertise in the use of solar concentrating power plants as a source of high potential heat for high-temperature water electrolysis
  • Expertise in the design of energy storage systems (power stabilization - hybridization, etc.)

Our R&D projects

The system of storing surplus energy from photovoltaic panels into hydrogen in the ÚJV Řež area consists of a photovoltaic power plant, PEM (hydrogen - electricity), a compressed hydrogen storage tank, a PEM fuel cell (hydrogen - electricity) and a connection to the distribution network.

Scheme of interconnection of photovoltaic panels and hydrogen storage system:


  • For small, medium and large businesses that need a backup power supply;
    • Suitable for applications without access to electricity and natural gas;
  • For all who want to run buildings, island-mode businesses (independent of the power grid);
  • For all who want to use and stabilize renewable energy more efficiently;
  • For all who need an ecological source of high purity hydrogen;
  • For all who want to produce heat and electricity based on micro/cogeneration units with high efficiency (suitable for households, residential buildings or commercial buildings and businesses).

Benefits of the system or individual components:

  • Flexible and efficient heat and power generation from hydrogen / natural gas based on micro-cogeneration / cogeneration units;
  • Low-emission equipment leads to the local improvement of air quality (reduction of emissions, dust, and noise);
  • Reducing the cost of the primary energy source;
  • Long-term storage of energy;
  • Backup system in the event of a power failure;
  • In the case of an “island system”, it is independent of the distribution grid;
  • The possibility to co-finance the project from public sources




Division of Nuclear Safety and Reliability

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