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Accredited Laboratories

Our accredited laboratories are active in the five areas of mechanical, physicochemical, electrical, radiation and radiochemical (radioactivity) material properties, as well as in accredited measurements, tests, and analyses. The laboratories are awarded accreditation certificates by the ČIA, o.p.s. (National Accreditation Body) following regular verifications of compliance with the accreditation criteria according to ISO/IEC 17025.

RAW diagnostics unit
Workstation for NPP machinery strength and lifetime calculations
Semi-hot cell workplace
Integrity and technical engineering division´s complex of semi-hot cells
Cointainers with material samples inside of semi-hot cell
Semi-hot cell equipment
Hot cell equipment
Modernized semi-hot cell
Cable deposits for assessing and managing cable ageing in NPPs
Qualification of NPP´s components and equipment
Workplace for Qualification of NPP´s components and equipment
Ultrasonic testing of welds
Diagnostics of piping welds
Matupulator for NDT diagnognostics of materials


In the field of measurement and radiochemical analyses we provide the following services:

  • Accredited determination of radionuclide content in different materials and media
  • Detection and determination of the content of nuclear materials
  • Characterization of radioactive waste
  • Determining the biomass content (share) of fuels
  • Radiation monitoring of workplaces and the environment
  • Determination of toxic metal content in different materials and media
  • Measurement of the effectiveness of air-conditioning, aerosol and iodine filters.

Important analyses are performed by accredited methods within the Central Analytical Laboratory - Testing Laboratory (CAL-ZL). This is the determination and monitoring of radionuclides important for the safe operation of nuclear installations; Determination and monitoring of radioactive, toxic and other isotopes relevant for environmental protection, and samples of natural materials, analysis of gas and biomass samples.


  • For environmental qualification
  • Cobalt irradiators
  • Monitoring properties and characteristics of equipment materials


  • Autoclaves for evaluation of materials under operating conditions
  • Light scanning electron microscopes
  • Hot and semi-hot cells for the evaluation of the properties of irradiated / radioactive materials


  • Instron universal blasting machines
  • Shuttle hammers
  • Instrument hardness tests
  • Measurement of dimensions
  • Microscopic analysis of broken bodies