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Technical Support for Operation and Maintenance of NPPs

Our support for nuclear power plant operators includes a comprehensive set of services from diagnostics and risk-oriented in-service inspection programmes performed directly at power plants and the qualification of inspection methods and security analyses, to umbrella projects increasing the performance and lifetime of nuclear units. We also profile in the transfer of international know-how, especially in the field of nondestructive testing.

Programmes for in-service inspections of safety-critical components for existing NPPs and new VVER-type nuclear sources represent a systematic conceptual solution to design, make changes, consider savings options, and compare NPP operational control programmes to quantifiable objective criteria computed using PSA.

An integrated approach to risk-oriented operational controls and our participation in the exchange of methodologies on a global scale maintains our services at European leadership. To the operators of NPPs, we offer legitimate economic savings and increased return on investment in energy equipment from a safety perspective.

Our Services

  • Implementation of operational controls at NPP Dukovany and NPP Temelín sites (VT, PT, MT, UT, PAUT, RT)
  • Operational diagnostics of electric and pneumatic actuators
  • Qualification of new inspection methods and procedures (eg RTG inspections on flooded pipelines)
  • Design and production of test bodies with spark-machining and real defects for qualifying tests
  • Transfer of know-how and current knowledge from the field of non-destructive controls from the world (Russia, USA)
  • Supply of spare parts with special quality requirement according to bill 132/2008 Coll. and bill 309/2005 Coll.
  • Improving the performance of energy sources
 Checking of pre-tension wire ropes of the reactor containment at Temelín NPP
 Checking of pre-tension wire ropes of the reactor containment at Temelín NPP

Other projects

      • Utility support for licensing of NPP technology beyond the designed lifetime,
      • Demonstration of sufficient margin for safe and reliable operation in long term,
      • Complete update of safety documentation including plant safety report and PSA Study,
      • Support of analyses related to the extension of NPP lifetime,
      • Cooperation in aging management programs and lifetime evaluation.



Director of division


For the practical realization of activities in which sources of ionizing radiation are used we provide::

  • Design, construction and supply of experimental workplaces with ionizing radiation sources - hot and semi-hot chambers
  • Design, manufacture, and supply of test units and experimental equipment (autoclaves, test loops) for testing of industrial and power equipment
  • Design and manufacture of preparations
  • Design and production of test specimens for surveillance programs
  • Design and manufacture of test bodies with non-integrity for NDT qualification
  • Design and manufacture of systems for high vacuum electron beam welding of materials




  • For environmental qualification
  • Cobalt irradiators
  • Monitoring properties and characteristics of equipment materials


  • Instron universal blasting machines
    Shuttle hammers
  • Instrument hardness tests
  • Measurement of dimensions
  • Microscopic analysis of broken bodies.


  • Autoclaves for evaluation of materials under operating conditions
  • Light scanning electron microscopes
  • Hot and semi-hot cells for the evaluation of the properties of irradiated / radioactive materials



Division of Integrity and Engineering Engineering

  • Address:  ÚJV Řež, a. s., Hlavní 130, Řež, 250 68 Husinec, Czech Republic
  • Phone: +420 266 173 670
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