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Supporting Economic and Efficient Operation of NPPs

We provide a number of activities to NPP operators aimed at increasing the efficiency and reliability of the plant units. As part of our comprehensive projects to boost performance, we have references at the level of general contractors.

Support of the economic and efficient operation of NPPs includes a broad range of activities and tools, in particular:

  • Projects to increase the power of nuclear units
  • Analyses and optimization of VVER unit operations
  • Improving reliability of NPP operations
  • NPP lifetime management and extension
  • Developing support tools for the effective operation of NPPs
FLUENT - Computer simulation of processes associated with media flow inside the reactor pressure vessel
Model of fuel rod layout
Model of fuel rod layout

Our Services

  • Comprehensive power uprate projects  of VVER reactor units;
  • Demonstration of sufficient margins  for safe and reliable operation of power up-rated units, taking into account the requirements for long-term operation (LTO);
  • Completion of plant safety documentation, including safety reports;
  •  Support for the operator regarding licensing;
  • Support for the communication of utility with regulatory bodies.
  • Analyses and proposals for modifying existing procedures to improve efficiency of plant operation;
  • Optimization of the fuel cycle and fuel reloads in terms of efficient use of nuclear fuel;
  • Optimizing device parameters for new operating conditions;
  • Development of project documentation of operating modes, units maneuverability and ability to perform support services for the transmission grids;
  • Risk-based optimization of plant shutdown schedules;
  • Reliability based maintenance programs;
  • Optimization of corrective actions and modifications in NPP operation, evaluation of impacts of modifications of equipment on NPP operation;
  • Optimization of Plant TechSpec, , Risk and reliability based modification of equipment test and calibration intervals Improving reliability of NPP operation
  • Probabilistic assessment of reliability and availability of complex systems and equipment, suggestions how to increase reliability of operation
  • Monitoring the risk of loss of production
  • Optimization by means of cost-benefit analysis
  • Analysis of operational experience, evaluation of equipment reliability
  • Reliability oriented maintenance (RCM)



  • Probabilistic assessment of reliability and serviceability of complex systems and equipment, suggestions for increased reliability of operation
  • Monitoring the risk of production outages
  • Optimization of cost-benefit analysis (cost-benefit analyses)
  • Analysis of operational experience, evaluation of device reliability, analysis of equipment reliability
  • Reliable oriented Maintenance (RCM)


      • Utility support for licensing of NPP technology beyond the designed lifetime,
      • Demonstration of sufficient margin for safe and reliable operation in long term,
      • Complete update of safety documentation including plant safety report and PSA Study,
      • Support of analyses related to the extension of NPP lifetime,
      • Cooperation in aging management programs and lifetime evaluation.



Director of division


  • Participation tn the evaluation of scheduled unit shutdowns prior to re-commissioning.


Division of Nuclear Safety and Reliability

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