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Radioactive Waste and Decommissioning

We are the only company in the Czech Republic that provides a complete range of services in the field of radioactive waste management. We are qualified to perform qualifications for all activities related to this field, and we have all necessary SÚJB (State Office for Nuclear Safety) licenses.

The area of RAW management includes the following activities:

  • RAW detection and identification, including the finding of an unknown or orphan source of ionizing radiation (IR)
  • Collecting, sorting and storing RAW
  • RAW and IR sources characterization
  • Processing and modifying RAW
  • RAW transport, both for processing and storing in the repository

We process and modify for storage over 95% of RAW (solid and liquid) generated in industry, hospitals and other workplaces in the Czech Republic.

Since 2007 we have been providing comprehensive international services for the transport of spent nuclear fuel from research reactors abroad.

A separate area of our RAW management services is the decommissioning of nuclear installations and workplaces with ionizing radiation sources.

Glove-box for working with RAW samples
Diagnostics of RAW samples
RAW diagnostics unit
Containers for transport of high-enriched nuclear fuel
Container Castor for storage of spent nuclear fuel at NPP Dukovany
Container for transport of high-enriched nuclear fuel
Cutting of the nuclear reactor vessel
Cutting of the nuclear reactor vessel
Cutting of the nuclear reactor vessel
Decommissioning of the evaporator - status after decommissioning
Decommissioning of the evaporator - status before decommissioning

Our Services

In the area of radioactive waste (RAW and spent nuclear fuel) we process, for both Czech and foreign customers, conceptual and expert studies at all levels - from system strategic documents to detailed partial analyses.

Examples of analyses and studies:

  • Assessment of nuclear fuel cycles in terms of energy and material balance, impacts on human health, the environment and the economy
  • National strategies, strategies, and programmes for the management of RAW and spent nuclear fuel according to the Council Directive No. EURATOM / 70/2011
  • Optimization of waste management, especially in the field of nuclear energetics
  • Assessment of organizational and technological systems and equipment for RAW management
  • Proposals for ways of decommissioning workplaces with sources of ionizing radiation and nuclear facilities
  • Safety analyzes for RAW management and RAW and spent nuclear fuel storage including processing and assessment of acceptability criteria
  • Proposals for methods and methods of communication with the public on the acceptability of RAW and spent nuclear fuel repositories
  • Elaboration and discussion of documentation on permits and activities carried out under the Atomic Act
  • Participation in technical and training IAEA missions to third countries
  • Teaching and study materials for schools and courses, lecturing, supervising of diploma / doctoral theses, and opponent reviews of these theses.


Institutional RAW

We provide comprehensive waste management services for institutional RAW in the Czech Republic. We process and modify to store more than 90% of RAW (solid and liquid) generated in the Czech Republic in industry, hospitals, schools and other workplaces.

Comprehensive customer service for RAW originators include:

  • Take-back of material/waste /discarded sources of ionizing radiation
  • Transport for processing and treatment or storage
  • Own processing and modification of RAW in accordance with the legislation
  • The necessary characterization of RAW properties
  • Transport for storage in the repository and handover to the state for storage
  • Carrying out all related registration and administrative operations 

Seizures of orphan sources

The seizure of the orphan source is the finding of an unknown or abandoned source of ionizing radiation outside the workplace authorized to handle resources. If you find an unknown or abandoned ionizing radiation source, contact the SÚJB and the Czech Police and the RAW Management Center. Alternatively, contact with SÚJB and the Police of the Czech Republic can be arranged for you by us.

The emergency group of ÚJV Řež locates the source, ensures the radiation protection of the persons, ensures the removal for further processing and after the removal, it will carry out the measurement of the place of the finding. At the same time, in cooperation with the finder, we will ensure the necessary administrative actions and the subsequent interim management of the found source until the administrative decision is taken.

Engineering and research services

For RAW management we provide research and engineering services according to customer requirements and needs:
  • Engineering and technical support for the operation of RAW technologies, identification, and solution of non-standard states
  • Characterization of wastes and properties relevant to the repository (stability of RAW)
  • Development and testing of RAW processes and technologies into various matrices (cement, geopolymer, etc.)
  • Testing and commissioning of RAW processing and treatment facilities
  • Development and testing of decontamination materials and systems
  • Surface treatment testing for decontamination

We are the main workplace for the research and development support of the Deep Repository Project in the Czech Republic (managed by the Radioactive Waste Repository Authority - SÚRAO), focused on:

  • Research and solution of radioactive waste storage barriers
  • Testing and assessment of the migration properties of the environment
  • Assessment of the Long-term security

We also provide development and technical support for the operation of existing RAW near-shallow repositories in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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The acquired knowledge is used to solve similar issues such as carbon capture and storage, the use of underground space for energy storage, or research on land sanitation technologies after uranium ore mining.

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We also provide engineering support for design and technical solution of the deep geological repository and for operation of existing repositories in their monitoring and modernization.

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A separate area of our RAW management services is the decommissioning of nuclear installations and workplaces with ionizing radiation sources.

The purpose of the decommissioning process is to remove the facility (site) or workplace from the scope of the Atomic Act.

Our services for decomissioning of nuclear installations  and  workplaces with sources of ionizing radiation include:

  • Elaboration of a Decomissioning Plan (as a condition of the Atomic Act) to obtain authorization to place a nuclear facility or a workplace with sources of ionizing radiation (IR) category III. and IV. into operation and to create a legal reserve
  • Processing of documentation to obtain a permit for the decommissioning of a nuclear installation or workplace with IR sources
  • Elaboration of the decommissioning project, including the project of renovation (construction) of the necessary infrastructure
  • Development, design, and application of decontamination, separation and fragmentation techniques and procedures
  • Design and manufacture of special manipulators and preparations
  • Design, treatment, and treatment of primary and secondary RAW
  • Control of radiation protection

At the international level, we specialize in sampling, material characterization, radiochemical analysis and radiation monitoring:

  • To determine the balance of activity and sources of IR for processing of permitting and project documentation (source member)
  • For the management of radiation protection during dismantling and fragmentation works
  • To control the handling and release of materials into the environment
  • For RAW characterization adapted for storage
  • Final monitoring of a workplace or site to demonstrate eligibility for exemption from the Atomic Act

Design and Documentation

 Preparation and Realization

Monitoring and Radiochemical Analyses



ÚJV Řež is since 2007 involved in the international transportation of spent nuclear fuel from research reactors. Since 2007 were realized 17 separate shipments from 12 countries.

Our services: 
  • Rental, maintenance, and inspection of containers
  • Transport of empty containers to the place of loading
  • Transport of containers loaded with fuel to the destination (borders of the Russian Federation) including the provision of necessary permits
  • Operator training at the place of loading
  • Supervision of loading, drying, and closing of containers
  • Leakage check by helium test
  • Accompanying the shipment (providing radiation protection)
  • Management of the return of empty containers

RRRFR and MNSR Projects

We have been providing services for the transport of spent nuclear fuel back to Russia for 9 years, participating in the Russian Research Reactor Fuel Return (RRRFR), a part of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) GTRI Nuclear Threat Reduction Initiative.

This project was followed by a contract currently underway for the transport of used nuclear fuel from Africa and Asia to China (project MNSR).

History of the shipments

    • 12/ 2007 – Czech Republic (Řež,  reactor LVR-15)
    •  7/2008 – Bulgaria (Sofia, reactor IRT-2000)
    • 10/2008 – Hungary (Budapest, reactor BRR)
    •  9/2009 – Poland (Otwock, reactor EWA)
    •  2/2010 - Poland (Otwock, reactor EWA)
    •  5/2010 – Ukraine (Kiev, reactor VVR-M)
    • 10/2010 – Belarus (Minsk, reactor Pamir-630D a IRT-M)
    • 11/2010 – Serbia (Vinča, reactor RA)
    •  3/2012 - Ukraine (Kiev, reactor VVR-M)
    • 10/2012 - Poland (Otwock, reactor EWA) note: low-enriched fuel
    •  3/2013 - Czech Republic (Řež, reactor LVR-15)
    • 7/2013 – Vietnam (Dalat, reactor DNRR)
    • 11/2013 - Hungary (Budapest, reactor BRR)
    •  9/2015 – Uzbekistan (Tashkent, reaktor Foton)
    • 12/2015 – Gruzia (Tbilisi, reaktor Breeder-1)
    • 10/2016 – Ghana (Accra, reaktor MNSR)
    • 4/2019 - Nigeria (Zaria, reactor MNSR)


In the field of measurement and radiochemical analyses we provide the following services:

  • Accredited determination of radionuclide content in different materials and media
  • Detection and determination of the content of nuclear materials
  • Characterization of radioactive waste
  • Determining the biomass content (share) of fuels
  • Radiation monitoring of workplaces and the environment
  • Determination of toxic metal content in different materials and media
  • Measurement of the effectiveness of air-conditioning, aerosol and iodine filters.

Important analyses are performed by accredited methods within the Central Analytical Laboratory - Testing Laboratory (CAL-ZL). This is the determination and monitoring of radionuclides important for the safe operation of nuclear installations; Determination and monitoring of radioactive, toxic and other isotopes relevant for environmental protection, and samples of natural materials, analysis of gas and biomass samples.



Division of Radioactive Waste and Decommissioning

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Processing and treatment of institutional RAW

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Orphan sources - Unknown sources of ionizing radiation