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Ageing Management and Plant Life Management

Investments in large production units can be valorized only by their subsequent effective long-term operation. We use sophisticated procedures, diagnostics, and control programs from nuclear energetics to manage the life cycle of equipment and production units in other areas of the energy industry.

We deal with aging management and extend the lifetime of the equipment comprehensively and long-term. We manage the aging of specific plants, and we are the authors of many certified programmes and methodologies.

Programme implementation procedures include maintenance of the project base database, ageing management plans, and in-service inspections.

Our Services

  • Design Bases – replenishing, maintaining and updating the database
  • Creation of evidence-based documentation in accordance with the required normative technical documentation (NTD)
  • Assessing device strength and lifetime, including device condition prediction for dominant degradation mechanisms
  • Equipment qualification
  • Computing the device response to operational conditions using the finite element method (statics, heat conduction, fracture mechanics, dynamics including seismicity and rapid processes, such as swirling of torn pipeline systems)
  • Editing and designing PLiM programmes (lifetime management programmes, long-term ageing management plans)
  • Assessing the risks caused by pressure-thermal shocks
  • Thermohydraulic analysis for strength analyses
  • Designing support database applications
  • Implementing technical and economic studies on energy equipment
  • Constructing and producing the necessary experimental devices


Operator cost savings due to increased reliability, safety, and lifetime

  • Analyses of damaged parts in terms of properties of materials used;
  • Evaluation and determination of root causes of defects;
  • Recommendation, and proposal of system of measures and controls.

Unique technical and expert capabilities

  • Accredited laboratories for standard and atypical material tests;
  • Top experimental equipment and devices;
  • Specialists in the fields of material engineering, thermomechanics, production technology, welding, voltage analysis and others;
  • Production of experimental test specimens.

Accredited determination and monitoring of radioactive, toxic and other elements of environmental significance and samples of natural materials.

Analyses of gas and biomass samples

  • Determination of biomass portion in solid fuels by radio carbon method;
  • Determination of a number of radionuclides in fuel as well as exhalations (fly ash);
  • Monitoring of leaks in waste storage facilities;
  • Determination by micro-concentration of transuranic, heavy and toxic elements (eg determination of the profile of impurities in metals and other
  • materials in industry);
  • Monitoring the thermal behavior of samples by Emanation Thermal Analysis;
  • Monitoring of surface changes of material during heating 20-1200 ° C by Emanation Thermal Analysis;
  • Statistical evaluation of large volumes of data;
  • Implementation of non-standard custom analyses, including design of the procedure.

Optimizing the operation of energy sources and equipment

Elaboration of studies and documentation for optimization of energy operations.
Studies and documentation for the next phase of the project can be processed for energy sources as a whole as well as for part of the operation.

The objective of the optimization of energy generating units is to improve the efficiency of energy generation, reduce losses and operating costs or, from the perspective of change, the operation of the unit, and usually includes the following activities:

  • Analysis of current operation;
  • Targeting possibilities for improving the efficiency of operation - equipment modernisation, modification of connection and operating mode;
  • Creation of a computation model, definition of margin conditions, calculation of reference state, taking into account the target modifications;
  • Impact assessment of the monitored change on thermal efficiency;
  • Impact assessment of the implementation of change on the equipment affected;
  • Optimisation of parameters of the main electrical equipment, protections and automatics, maneuverability check;
  • Optimisation and design of electrical diagrams;
  • Optimisation and design of electrical protections and automatics, protection selectivity and setting.

Design activities:

  • Proposal and extent of optimisation;
  • Feasibility study;
  • Project documentation;
  • Basic Design documentation;
  • Technical parts of Bidding Documents for supplier selection;
  • Coordination documentation in the phase of Detail Design and preparation of its selected parts;
  • Author supervision.

Related engineering activities:

  • Identification and analysis of the actual state of equipment;
  • Evaluation of the potential benefits of unit optimisation;
  • Evaluation of the technical parts of tenders;
  • Technical support in negotiation with suppliers;   
  • Coordination of the Detail Design.
  • Autoclaves for evaluation of materials under operating conditions
  • Light scanning electron microscopes
  • Hot and semi-hot cells for the evaluation of the properties of irradiated / radioactive materials


  • For environmental qualification
  • Cobalt irradiators
  • Monitoring properties and characteristics of equipment materials


  • Instron universal blasting machines
    Shuttle hammers
  • Instrument hardness tests
  • Measurement of dimensions
  • Microscopic analysis of broken bodies.



Division of Integrity and Engineering Engineering

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In the field of classical power engineering, heating, waste incineration and industrial power engineering, we provide pre-project and project activities in the field of construction, operation support, modernization and ecologization, optimization of operating costs. We are dealing with RES and application of hydrogen technologies in transport and energy.