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Design and Related Engineering Services

We provide comprehensive all-around project and pre-project activities including related engineering and advisory services in the field of investment construction of energy installations.

Our services include designing technical concepts for energy sources and elaborating project documentation, as well as the activities of the Main Designer for the construction of energy resources, including the technical coordination of the project.

Further important activities in this area include supporting the operation of existing power plants and heating plants, preparing  EIA documentation and carrying out research and development.

Areas of competence:

  • Classical energetics
  • Heating industry
  • Waste burning
  • Industrial energy


Our Services

Development of studies for preparation of energy production plants both in the Czech Republic and abroad as whole, but
also for planned reconstructions, refurbishments and extensions of existing installations. The scope and details of such
studies are adapted to the specific conditions of the project, available design input data and the task of the documentation in
the given phase of the business plan.

Basic types of studies offered

  • Conceptual Study: the initial draft of a technical concept according to the client’s requirements
  • Preliminary Feasibility Study: draws up input data from actual input information on the project for the first assessment
    of the business/investment plan in the agreed scope
  • Feasibility Study (FS): elaborated in a more detail scope according to the project´s specific conditions; serves for the selection
    of design variants and an assessment of the plan


The feasibility of the project is evaluated from the following main points:

  • Technical feasibility
  • Rate of investment return
  • Time schedule of preparation and realization of the project
  • Project implementation plan (preparatory stage, realization and operation)
  • FS includes requirements on performance of needed surveys (Engineering-geological, hydrogeological etc.) of the locality

Related engineering services

  • Provision of input data for execution of given study
  • Consultation of the proposed solution with affected administration authorities and main equipment suppliers

Execution of Conceptual Design documentation for energy installations to be realized in the Czech Republic or abroad.

The Conceptual Design is the basis for:

  • Elaboration of “Specification” for tender procedures of main equipment suppliers
  • Execution of EIA documentation
  • Elaboration of design documentation needed for grant of the building permit 
  • Definition of the scope of delivery in relation to the specific condition of the project
  • Determination of technical and qualitative requirements on the equipment

Design activities

Conceptual Design elaboration, i.e. determination of the basic technical conception in all professions.

Conceptual Design is usually elaborated for a selected variant of technical solution in structuring into functional technological
systems and civil structures. The scope and required detail elaboration is always agreed to in a reasonable level corresponding
to the given project conditions and possibilities.

Related engineering services

  • Provision of design input data for elaboration of the Conceptual Design
  • Consultation with affected administration authorities and main equipment suppliers


Execution of documentation required for the site permit granting and elaboration of design documentation needed for
building permit (in CR acc. to the Building Act No. 183/2006 Coll.) as amended and related engineering services.

Design activities

  • Execution of documentation required for granting the site permit
  • Elaboration of design documentation for granting the building permit - the scope and content of the documentation is set out in Annex 5
    Decree No. 499/2006 Coll., On Construction Documents, as amended by later regilations

Related engineering services

  • Negotiations with affected administrative authorities
  • Elaboration and submission of application for site and/or building permit (notification)

Documentation according to Act No. 100/2001 Coll. on environmental impact assessment as amended; expert reports on
environmental impacts of civil structures and technologies. An employee of ENERGOPROJEKT PRAHA Division is the holder
of the Ministry of Environment Czech Republic authorization for elaboration of the documentation and the expert report according
to Act No. 100/2001 Coll. as amended.

Professional activities

  • Elaboration of a Notification of the sub-limited plan according to Annex No. 3a to the Act
  • Elaboration of a Notification of the plan according to Annex No. 3 to the Act
  • Execution of the EIA documentation according to Annex No. 4 to the Act for energy constructions, water management
    constructions, nuclear installations, sludge settling ponds and landfills
  • Elaboration of the Expert reports for definition of environmental impacts of energy constructions, water management
    constructions, nuclear installations, sludge settling ponds and landfills

Related engineering activities

Assistance at discussions of the plan with the affected administrative authorities and at the public hearings

Execution of particular technology installations and civil part documentation at the “Detail Design“ level (Realization
documentation of the construction) for projects to be realized in the Czech Republic and abroad. The scope and detail of
Detail Design (DD) documentation elaboration can be adapted to the conditions of given project and to the purpose of the
documentation use.

Detail Design documentation defines:

  • Civil structure design and its components
  • Selection of components in conformity with the owner’s wish and the designer’s advice
  • Dimensioning of components and equipment
  • Detailed place of installation, interfaces, solution of possible collisions, etc.

Design activities

  • Detail Design elaboration and coordination of particular technology systems in all professions (PS and DPS)
    Detail Design of the civil part (civil structures/buildings)

Related engineering activities

  • Management (coordination) of the Detail Design elaboration for the installation as a whole
  • Attendance of the designers on the site
  • Solution of changes caused during the construction

Elaboration of the As-Built documentation in all professions of projects realized in the Czech Republic and abroad.
The As-Built documentation is drawn up on the basis of data provided by the suppliers of equipment and civil structures in
the scope according to the character of the construction.

Related engineering activities:

  • Provision of required input data
  • Communication with suppliers

Within the Author supervision, ENERGOPROJEKT PRAHA Division provides activities for verification of keeping to the technical
solution as determined in the Basic Design for related activities of other participants in the construction.

Main activities:

Realization of the Detail Design phase – verification of Detail Design documentation with approved solution in the Basic Design

Execution of suppliers’ documentation phase – verification of documentation with the defined basic solution

Realization phase

  • Participation in the process of the site handover to suppliers
    Checking of the Basic Design technical keeping and the change-over procedures management
    Participation in the process of handover and acceptance of the construction

After termination of the construction

  • Participation at the trial operation, the final building approval procedure and the final evaluation of the construction


Elaboration of studies and documentation for the preparation and implementation of modernization of power plants. Studies and documentation for the next phase of the project can be processed for energy sources as a whole as well as for part of the operation.

Modernization of energy sources is usually done for the purpose of:

  • Improvement of unit performance parameters;
  • Improvement of the efficiency of electricity and heat generation;
  • Optimization of operation and operating costs;
  • Reduction of pollutant emissions and waste production;
  • Improvement of unit operation comfort;
  • Improvement of operational safety;
  • Lifetime extension.

Project activities

  • Feasibility studies;
  • Project documentation DUŘ, DSŘ, IPPC;
  • Basic Design documentation;
  • Technical parts of Bidding Documents for supplier selection;
  • Coordination documentation in the Detail Design phase and preparation of its selected parts;
  • Author supervision.

Related engineering activities

    • Identification and analysis of the actual state of equipment;
    • Evaluation of the potential benefits of unit modernisation from the perspective of performance, efficiency, and operation;
    • Evaluation of the technical parts of tenders;
    • Technical support in negotiation with suppliers;   
    • Coordination of the Detail Design.


ÚJV Řež can prepare studies and documentation for the preparation and implementation of energy generating plant greening projects. The studies may be prepared for energy generating sources as a whole as well as for partial operation sets.

The greening of energy generating units that burn solid fuels is intended to reduce the negative environmental impact of the units. This primarily includes the reduction of emissions into the air to make the levels of emissions compliant with Directive 2010/75/EU and with Act No. 201/2012 Coll., on Protection of the Air and Regulation No. 415/2012 Coll., on permissible level of pollution and its identification.

Another goal is to improve the efficiency of the entire generating unit, including the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Possible solutions for the greening of sources:

  • Change from solid fuel to liquid or gaseous fuel;
  • Combustion modification, fuel conditioning;
  • Reduction of solid emissions;
  • Reduction of sulphur dioxide emissions;
    • Primary methods;
    • Secondary measures (wet, dry, and semi-dry methods);
  • Reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions;
    • Primary measures (combustion modification);
    • Secondary measures (selective catalytic and non-catalytic reduction);
  • Combined technologies to reduce emissions of SO2 and NOx.

 Preparation of documentation:

  • Feasibility study;
  • Basic Design documentation;
  • Technical parts of Bidding Documents for supplier selection;
  • Coordination documentation in the Detail Design phase;
  • Author supervision;

 Related engineering activities:

  • Identification and analysis of the actual state of equipment;
  • Evaluation of technical parts of tenders;
  • Technical support in negotiation with suppliers; 
  • Coordination of the Detail Design.

Consultancy service for investors and suppliers

The consultancy service for investors in the area of conventional and nuclear energetics is offered by ENERGOPROJEKT
PRAHA Division in a very flexible scope, determined according to the specifics of the project and requirements of the client.

As a consultant, the division offers complex consultancy services from the phase of business concept and selection
of optimal variant, including preparation input documentation for evaluation of the project feasibility and technical
documentation for negotiations with banking institutions about funding for the project.

In the realization phase, the consultancy services also respect the requirements of a client. The consultancy service in
the realization phase is represented by the “Owner´s Engineer” scope of activities (see below).

Owner’s Engineer services for investors

This is the complex of services during pre-investment (preparation) studies and feasibility studies, design phase, project
administration and project management of designers led by the client, including other specific activities – function of the so-called Construction administrator, Supervision, etc.

Technical Support of Nuclear Regulatory Authorities

The division provides consultancy service for the Nuclear Regulatory Authority in the assessment of documentation
for the application for construction licenses for new Nuclear Power Plants. Part of technical support includes the
preparation of the information system to support the Safety Report and related documentation.

Expert activities for International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

  • The division’s top experts also operate in the long term in the area of IAEA activities and their educational programs.
    The division prepares and realizes trainings and internships for specialist from the developing countries, for example
    in IAEA fellowship training.
  • The division also delegates its specialists on Consultancy Meeting on the Technical Document (TECDOC), National
    Workshops (Training) and similar workshops.

Elaboration of design and as-built documentation in the environment of mutually linked database systems, i.e. a detail model
of the system including a depiction of links and configuration of database objects in 2D or 3D graphics.

In the ENERGOPROJEKT PRAHA Division, we use the following database systems:

  • AXSYS. Engine for design of multi-discipline intelligent diagrams
  • PDMS for creation of spatial models and the follow-up generation of documentation
  • Microsoft Access for establishing of applications for support of design and data sharing
  • Database SQL (ORACLE or PostgreSQL) database for support of the design process and development of information systems

Database allows

  • Following links needed e.g. for maintenance and repairs planning, use of margins, etc.
  • Creating interfaces for other applications (computations, simulations, etc.) and in this way to provide required input data
    sets or to depict the computation outlets in the documentation or in the special model

The following SW systems were developed in ENERGOPROJEKT PRAHA Division

  • GAMED – for execution of technical documentation in the database environment which enables data transfer via web
    interfaces and provides multidiscipline coordination
  • GADUS – for data presentation – this provides access to data models via internet and provides information and intelligent
    communication in 2D and 3D graphics
  • COMA – for collision management – web application is used to identify and evaluate collision between contractors. The application supports spatial coordination of the project
  • RDB – review database – web application is used to make comments of delivered documents
  • LBAT – a web application for the support of NPP licensing documentation evaluation



    • Address: ÚJV Řež, a. s., Na Žertvách 2247/29, 180 00 Praha 8 - Libeň, Czech Republic 
    • Phone: +420 227 133 333
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