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Personal Data - GDPR

ÚJV Řež introduced on 25 May 2018 a new comprehensive system for the protection of personal data of natural persons in accordance with the European Union law, in particular Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 (GDPR).


We process personal data to the extent necessary for the intended purpose - for example, to be able to provide the service. This includes cases where we negotiate a new contract or are already covered by a contract. Typically, it's about identifying your person.

The obligation to process data is governed by a number of legal regulations (e.g. tax and accounting regulations, Atomic law). We need to process a lot of data for archiving purposes. We process some data because it is necessary in order to protect the rights and legitimate interests of our Group, as well as third parties. However, processing for this reason is limited; we carefully consider the legitimate interest.

In other cases, we process your data only with your consent.

The basic purposes of the personal data processing in the ÚJV Group are in particular:

  • performance of the contract and provision of services
  • keeping the records of suppliers and customers
  • accounting and tax purposes
  • recovery of receivables - if we are forced to recover our receivables by legal way or if we are involved in court proceedings and proceedings concerning your person, we will use your  personal data to the extent necessary or other data necessary to protect our rights
  • fulfilment of other legal obligations
  • safety - for these purposes, we protect physical assets, e.g. by placing cameras in our premises, as well as the data

We process only such data that is essential in order to properly perform our contractual obligations, provide professional services, comply with our legal obligations, and protect our legitimate interests. We collect data mainly about our suppliers, customers (including members of statutory bodies and employees), as well as about visitors to our premises.

We mainly process the following categories of data:

  • identification data: title, first name, surname, date of birth, identity card number;
  • address data: address of permanent residence, delivery address or other contact address, telephone, e-mail address;
  • other personal details: bank account number, other personal data resulting from a particular contract or law, image recording

We keep personal data for as long as necessary, as required by law (for example, in the case of the Atomic Act or the VAT Act we are archiving data for 10 years). We also archive data for 10 years because of our legitimate interests, especially in case we need to provide evidence in litigation with respect to statutory limitation periods under the current Civil Code.

We keep the data we process with your consent for as long as the consent is validly granted to us.

Providing data subject to consent is voluntary (e.g. for marketing purposes). The consent can be revoked at any time.

We require providing other data if processing the data is necessary to perform the contract, meet our legal obligations, or protect our legitimate interests. If the third party does not provide such data to us, we cannot provide the product, service, or other performance for the purpose of which we require this personal information.

On principle, we manage the personal data within our Group. We only pass data outside the Group if the consent has been given to us or if it is required by law. If it is necessary in order to achieve one of the purposes listed above, in particular where the external entity has the necessary professionalism and expertise in the area, personal data is processed by our contractors on the basis of contracts for the processing of personal data concluded in accordance with the GDPR.

The processor is entitled to handle the data solely for the purpose of performing the activity for which he has been authorized by the relevant administrator. In such case, your consent is not required for the purpose of processing, as such processing is permitted by law.

The processors of personal data are in particular:

  • suppliers or service providers, such as print and postal service providers, including couriers, IT service providers
  • suppliers of CCTV, access and attendance systems located in the premises of the ÚJV Group,
  • other persons in connection with the conclusion, administration and archiving of contracts and related documents,
  • other third parties that provide or receive services in connection with the performance of contractual or statutory obligations.

 In the ÚJV Group, we process personal data manually and also automatically. Personal data protection is technically and organizationally secured in accordance with the GDPR in the ÚJV Group. We require the same level of security from our personal data processors.

Some public authorities and other organizations are entitled to request personal data. These include courts and the Police of the Czech Republic. We only provide the data if the law allows us to provide this information.

  • Securitas ČR s.r.o.,  Identification number - IČ: 43872026
  • Nuvia Dosimetry s.r.o., Identification number - IČ: 45240043
  • Ordinace Jach-ta s.r.o.,  Identification number - IČ: 24259047
  • ČEZ Korporátní služby,  Identification number - IČ 26206803
  • FG Forrest a.s., Identification number - - IČ: 25290568

ÚJV Řež obtains personal data especially from the data subjects in the process of contract negotiation or from third parties.

ÚJV Řež also obtains personal data from public records (e.g. Trade Licensing Register), from state administration bodies, or based on special legal regulations.

In order to protect property and persons, CCTV systems are installed on buildings under the management or ownership of the ÚJV Group. Data subjects are always informed about the location of CCTV systems by information signs and pictograms when entering such a space. Recordings from CCTV systems are archived for as long as necessary and are not further processed in any way outside the stated purpose.

Personal data subjects have the right to request information on the processing of their personal data, the purpose of the processing of personal data, the scope or the categories of personal data processed, the sources of personal data, the nature of the automated processing, the processors, the recipients, or the categories of recipients of personal data.

In the event the data subject discovers or considers that we or our contractual processor is processing personal data that is contrary to the protection of privacy or personal life of data subjects, or in violation of the law, the data subject is entitled to:

  • ask for an explanation;
  • require that ÚJV Řež or its contractual processor removes the resulting situation; in particular, he/she is entitled to require blocking, correction, supplementing or deletion of personal data.


In order to exercise their rights to the protection of personal data, the data subjects contact ÚJV Řež at ÚJV Řež always informs data subjects without undue delay about the handling of such a request.

Data subjects also have the right to address the Office for Personal Data Protection with their claim at any time.