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Hydrogen Days 2019 Reminder

The tenth prestigious international conference HydrogenDays 2019 with ÚJV Řež support will start in only few days!

 HydrogenDays 2019

The event demonstrates that hydrogen technologies are a challenge not only for research and business, but also for the public sector. Speakers at the conference will include experts from the academic sphere, businessmen, and representatives of local and central government authorities.


Are you familiar with the most important global and European hydrogen initiatives in the transportation and energy sectors? If not, you will be provided  insight by Guy Verkoeyen, Business Manager of Hydrogenics Europe, the company which is the global leader in the field of hydrogen generators, fuel cells, and megawatt-sized energy storage solutions? May any of the initiatives listed above be interesting and attractive just for you?


Representatives of the Moravian-Silesian Region and the City of Ostrava will show us that hydrogen may be attractive for public administration authorities as well. Do you know that diesel engine vehicles will be completely eliminated from public transport by 2020 and that public transport vehicles are expected to be gradually converted into hundred-percent emission-free there? Hydrogen-fueled vehicles are supported both by the President of the Regional Council and Ostrava´s Lord Mayor.


It should be noted that hydrogen-fueled buses can be affordable for cities and regions. Do you know the Giantleap project? The objective of the EU-funded research and innovation project is, inter alia, to make hydrogen-fueled buses more available and reliable, particularly through a brand-new concept. Which one? You will learn at the conference.  


However, hydrogen technologies do not apply only to buses. Up to 50 percent of German trains are not yet electric. As a rule, they are powered, for the time being, by diesel engines. The future, however, lies in hydrogen. Details on the development of a highly powerful, fuel-cell drive system for hybrid regional trains will be disclosed by Jochen Steinbauer of Siemens Mobility GmbH.


Insofar as hydrogen-related projects are concerned, public and government authorities can efficiently cooperate with business enterprises and research institutions, as demonstrated by The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking – a PPP project of the European Commission, the Hydrogen Europe industrial consortium, and the Hydrogen Europe Research group. Its objective is to support and promote technologies of fuel cells and hydrogen as one of the pillars of future European transportation and energy systems. The project´s Strategic Manager Carlos Navas will share his experience with us.


However, the HydrogenDays 2019 conference programme offers much more. Come to find your source of inspiration or to obtain new information, contacts, or fresh research or business opportunities as well.


The event´s capacity is limited, and you, therefore, should not hesitate to register



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