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Hydrogen is one of the possible solutions for the energy of the future, both in terms of the increasing energy demand and in terms of the power control of energy sources.


  • Hydrogen technologies can be used for energy storage, thus being a tool for power control of energy sources. Such control is currently ensured primarily on the level of transmission systems, while the control relating to nested production, i.e. minor sources on the level of distribution system (in particular, renewable energy sources), is applied secondarily. Given the turbulent development of technologies for energy production using renewable sources, the use of such technologies is unavoidable. Although the only energy accumulation method currently being used on a larger scale includes pumped storage power plants, hydrogen technologies offer endless possibilities in the field of nested production.

    • These include, but are not limited to:
      • Power control of sources with varying output (in particular, renewable energy sources);
      • Possibility to stabilise the operation of those sources, the operation of which is optimal at constant power level from a technical or economic point of view.


  • The services provided by ÚJV Řež, a. s. in the field of hydrogen use in energy sector include:
    • Expertise in the field of designing energy storage systems (island systems, intelligent local networks, source power stabilisation, etc.);
    • Development of water alkali electrolysis for utilisation to accumulate energy from renewable sources;
    • Research and development of systems for sustainable hydrogen production - high-temperature water electrolysis in linkage to high-temperature heat sources (e.g. concentrated solar power plants or generation IV nuclear reactors - VHTR);
    • Expertise in the field of hydrogen storage (pressure vessels, cryogenic units, metal hybrids, nanomaterials, hydrogen stored in rock structures);
    • Expertise in the field of hydrogen distribution and transportation (common distribution with natural gas within gas pipeline);


ÚJV Řež, a. s. also deals with the possibilities of using hydrogen for transportation. Under the company's management, the consortium developed and presently operates the first bus driven by the hydrogen fuel element in the new states of the European Union – the TriHyBus.


  • In the field of transportation, ÚJV Řež, a. s. offers the following activities:
    • Preparation of analyses in the field of hydrogen production and use for transportation (hydrogen-driven vehicles, hybrid drives, advanced control of hybrid drives on the basis of GPS data);
    • Provision of data from the operation of the triple hybrid hydrogen bus (TriHyBus).
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