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  • ÚJV Řež, a. s. is the only company in the Czech Republic which covers a complete chain of services in the field of radioactive waste management:
    • Detection and identification of radioactive waste including any case of finding an unknown or orphan ionising radiation source;
    • Collection, sorting, and storage of radioactive waste;
    • Characterisation of radioactive waste and ionising radiation sources;
    • Processing and conditioning of radioactive waste;
    • Transportation of radioactive waste both for processing and for disposal in a repository (handover to the state).


  • Radioactive waste management is not only the performance of material-related activities. ÚJV Řež, a. s. is also a highly qualified and experienced engineering and research organisation which provides:
    • Conceptual and expert studies, analyses, and statements;
    • Support for the operation of nuclear power plants;
    • Development and testing of new technologies and their applications;
    • Support to the Radioactive Waste Repository Authority in the operation of existing radioactive waste repositories and in the preparation and implementation of the Deep Geological Repository Concept in the Czech Republic;
    • Designing of radioactive waste conditioning, processing and disposal facilities.


  • Radioactive waste management is a part of our competence to provide specialised comprehensive solutions in related fields such as:  
    • Decommissioning of nuclear installations and ionising radiation source workplaces (under the Atomic Act);
    • Transportation of spent fuel from research nuclear reactors to/from third countries.


The control of radioactive waste management includes measurements and analyses, as provided by the Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 1093.4, which include the characterisation of radioactive waste and ionising radiation sources, radiochemical analyses to determine radionuclides in different substances and media, and measurement for the purposes of the monitoring of workplaces, discharges and the environment.